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The Celtic Knot

the celtic knot is A Tie to your Heritage

The Celtic Knot, Gifts from the Emerald Isles


Nora C.    5 STARS
Jackson, CA

This is your one stop shopping location for all things Irish, owned by a family that is authentic and knows it's stuff.  Great selection, wonderful service and the only place I know if in the region where I can get the fantastic Irish teas that I've come to rely on.  If all you've had is Lipton, in the way of basic tea, you are in for a pleasant surprise.  Real Irish tea, Barry's is my favorite, what a great beverag, with or without milk or lemon.  Try it, either the breakfast or afternoon tea.  You'll love it, and the owner seems like a lovely man, and he sometimes wears a kilt.

Gifts to Honor your Loved Ones and Bless your Home

we offer an array of unique gifts from The Emerald Isles.

Visit us for handcrafted treasures to honor your loved ones and bless your home.

Handcrafted Treasures to Bless your Home
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The Celtic Knot