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Cool Smoke Shop
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The Cool Smoke Shop has been serving the community for over three years. Owner, Paul, has lived in Auburn for over seven years. He offers friendly Service and is very Personable. The store is committed to Great Service!

Cool Smoke shop offer Premium Cigars and Tobacco Store, Vaping Supplies, and a Pipe Shop.

NEW: Drinks, Chips, and other Food Items!

Paul is particularly proud of his selection of Premium Cigars including:

-Romeo & Juliet


-Rocky Patel

 and More

Visit Our New

larger Location


8am - 9pm Every Day

Premium Cigars and Vaping Supplies
3006 Highway 49

Suite F

Cool, Ca 95603

(530) 889-2426

Pipe Shop
Tobacco Store

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Drinks, Chips, and other Food items!


This guy is awesome. Very friendly, prices are great, selection is awesome. I always take my business to where I feel it's appreciated. As a local in Cool, it's important to support the local shops. Even if it's only buying a couple packs of smokes once or twice a week.


The Cool Smoke Shop is a Tobacco store and pipe shop which also offers Vaping supplies.