Fine Line Tattoo & Piercing

2864 Ray Lawyer Dr.

Suite 101

Placerville, CA 95667

(530) 626-8292
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Fine Line Tattoo & Piercing

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Fine Line Tattooing

We are Fine Line Tattoo & Piercing, located in the heart of El Dorado county at 2864 Ray Lawyer Dr.  in Placerville, CA.

We are the longest running shop in the greater El Dorado County area, and we are constantly striving to be the premiere shop in El Dorado County. Our Tattoo and Body Piercing specialists have over 40 years of experience between artists.

We have been bringing quality service in a professional environment in the cleanest shop in town. We are compliant in all the California AB300 body modification laws, and we always make it our greatest priority to provide the greatest experience possible while maintaining a sterile environment to accomodate the various needs of our clients.

Whether you require a tattoo done in Color Realism, Black and Grey, Traditional, NewSkool, and everything in between, we have the artists and experience to give you the tattoo you’ve always wanted.Along with tattooing, we provide a full array of body piercing, everything from ear-lobes to dermal anchors.

We specialize in everything from Traditional, to Watercolor, Black and Grey, Fine-Line style, and everything in between. Anything you want to get tattooed, we can make it happen with fair prices, professional service, and a sterile environment with a great atmosphere. Our prices for tattoos depend on size, detail, color, and time. Our shop minimum for tattoos is $60, and piercings start at $20 for ear lobes, and $40 for body and cartilage piercings. Come check out our shop and we'll make whatever modifications that you want.

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We are El Dorado county's premier tattoo shop, and are the current longest-running tattoo and body piercing parlor in the county

Fine Line Tattoo & Piercing

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Fine Line Tattooing
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Our shop is open from 9:30am-8pm Tuesday-Friday, and 12pm-8pm on Saturday.