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At Tattoo Betty’s , Our artists can customize a tattoo and are proficient with all styles of ear, facial, and body piercings

Body Piercing and Custom Tattoos
Our artists can customize a tattoo


Tattoo Bettys
125 Peek St, Ste C
Jackson, CA 95642 [map]



Mon - Sat 11:30am to 7pm,

Sunday 11:30am to 5pm

Walk-ins welcome!


all styles of ear, facial, and body piercings
all styles of ear, facial, and body piercings
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You can feel confident and secure with the piercers at Tattoo Betty’s  All of our piercers are proficient with all styles of ear, facial, and body piercings as well as proper stretching when gauging your ears. Our piercers are not only knowledgeable about correctly piercing your body but will advise you if you have problematic piercings due to allergic reactions or migration. We will troubleshoot whether the piercing originated from one of the piercers at the Tattoo Betty’s shops or elsewhere (when u need help, u need help!). Rest assured that at Tattoo Betty’s we are very aware of face and body aesthetics, so that your piercings won’t impede the way you look, but instead enhance your look. Both shops also offer the BOGO (buy one get one free) piercing deals ALWAYS. So come on in and get that exotic piercing you’ve always wanted… After all you are all grown up and can do what you want with your body… It’s ALL YOU!

Tattoo Betty's


Tattoo Betty’s offers a variety of flash and artwork for you to choose from, or even better, have one of our artists customize an image design that’s specifically your tattoo.

Our artists are very talented, able to give you whichever style of tattooing art you prefer as well as having a tattoo style each of their own. Do you have an old tattoo that needs new life? Or, maybe a tattoo of an old flame or of an “extreme” image that you’re sick of being reminded of every time you see it? That’s not a problem…our artists can re-color, add-on and/or cover-up an old tattoo with skill and expertise.

A knowledge of your basic rule of body piercing, body healing, visual aesthetics and professionalism is what you can be assured to receive at Tattoo Betty’s by each piercer. Our piercers can correctly perform a vast number of ear, face and body piercings as well as help you when gauging/stretching your piercings. Our shop also offer a variety of jewelry and other merchandise.